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Divorce Options



Are you contemplating divorce? Has your spouse said the ‘divorce’ word? Do you have a relative or friend on the brink of divorce? Attend a highly educational class designed to give you an overview of the legal, financial, family and personal issues of divorce. This class is co-taught by a family law attorney, a divorce financial specialist and a family therapist.   All are experienced professionals currently working in the divorce field but volunteering their time through the non-profit organization Community Divorce Educational Institute, Inc. CDEI is a non-profit organization in Southern California dedicated to educating the public on non-litigation alternatives to divorce resolution. We are also dedicated to educating divorce professionals on furthering their mediation, conflict resolution and collaborative skills. We will explore litigation and non-litigation divorce options. We will discuss the legalities of divorce, how to start the process, considerations for court and non-court dissolution, parenting plans, child/spousal support, property division, impact on children and the emotional process of divorce.    Bring your questions and get unbiased information to help you gain a greater understanding of the confusing and overwhelming divorce process.
The participant is getting a $750 value. If you were to consult 2 hours with a family law attorney; 1 hour with a divorce coach; and 1 hour with a divorce financial analyst, the consultation fees would easily be $750. With the guidance of these trained professionals, you will gain the basic knowledge you need to select the best divorce option saving time, money and frustration. You will come away more prepared by understanding the legal, financial, psychological and social issues of divorce. Divorce may be inevitable, but the way you divorce is a choice. You will not be solicited for business nor will your information be sold.
Course ID/# : 1266/6080014
Tuition: $55.00

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